After an accident, your biggest concern is how you receive the best medical treatment for your injuries.

Paul’s background in medicine is extensive.

Paul’s connections to physicians at every level of medical care is extensive as well.

Most people don’t have health insurance.

Without health insurance, many doctors will refuse to treat you.

Paul can recommend physicians close to your home or work that will treat you for your accident-caused injuries.

If your medical needs require an immediate specialist, Paul can also recommend physicians in various specialties.

Your vehicle is very important to you. It helps you get to work.

It picks your kids up from school. Your vehicle is a necessity.

After an accident, your vehicle needs to be fixed as quickly as possible — or you need to receive payment as quickly as possible if your vehicle is a total loss.

Paul provides assistance in this area to ensure a quick and timely resolution to get you back on the road.

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Defective Goods & Product Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Product Defect

Nobody plans to be injured by their favorite car or electronic device. Nevertheless, thousands of people are injured or killed by defective products every year. These defects often go unreported until enough serious injuries have occurred to warrant a headline. Whether it is a defect that occurs in the design of the product, during the manufacturing of the product, or as a result of poorly advertised safety guidelines, you could be eligible for compensation. 

Product injury attorneys gather information about defective products and help determine whether or not the injury was sustained as a result of defects throughout the product line. Paul Powell, your Las Vegas defective products lawyer, will identify similar cases of injury or death as well as potential class action suits that may be pending against the manufacturer. 

We’ve helped dozens of clients who have been injured due to careless manufacturing and marketing practices, and we can help you too. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact me today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.