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What to Do if Injured by a Product

Any business that manufactures or sells products has a duty to ensure they will not harm consumers. Unfortunately, many businesses abdicate this responsibility at great cost to others. A defective product can result in property damage, personal injury or even wrongful death – as the history of car recalls shows.

In Las Vegas, a product liability lawyer is essential to help you in this kind of case.

What a Defective Products Attorney Wants You to Know About Your Rights

To understand your case and how it may play out in court, it’s important to know the types of product liability cases a defective product lawyer can help you with.

Among defective product attorneys in Las Vegas, Paul Powell stands out: A caring, consummate professional who has helped clients collect settlements and verdicts of nearly $175 million. To learn more, contact Paul today.

We’ve helped dozens of clients who have been injured due to careless manufacturing and marketing practices, and we can help you too. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact me today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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3 Ways Lawyers Can Help with Defective Product Cases

They break down to three main scenarios:

    1. Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturing defects result in the majority of product liability cases that go to court. In this situation, a product has been designed in a safe way, but some danger was introduced due to an error in manufacturing. For example, if your child’s swing set is unable to bear the stated weight because some component of your particular set is the wrong size, this a manufacturing defect.

Although defects are unintentional, manufacturers are still considered liable for related harm.

    1. Design Defect

Design defects apply to all the products of a particular type rather than just one. In this case, the danger is “built in” to the product and any user may suffer harm as a result. The majority of car recall cases fall into this category: A component, such as the ignition, is prone to overheat and causes a dangerous mechanical failure of the car. Large class action suits often result.

It is important for a lawyer to demonstrate that the harm was foreseeable to the manufacturer.

    1. Failure to Warn

If there is some significant danger of harm involved in using a product – harm that simply cannot be totally avoided – then the company is required to provide adequate warning. These warnings can come in the form of labels directly on the product and box and prominent warnings within the user manual. Warning labels should be easy to find and read for everyone.

In these cases, the distributor and retailer may be held responsible as well as the manufacturer.

Should You Contact a Law Firm?

Nobody plans to be injured by their favorite car or electronic device. Nevertheless, thousands of people are injured or killed by defective products every year. These defects often go unreported until enough serious injuries have occurred to warrant a headline. Whether it is a defect that occurs in the design of the product, during the manufacturing of the product, or as a result of poorly advertised safety guidelines, you could be eligible for compensation.

Product injury attorneys gather information about defective products and help determine whether or not the injury was sustained as a result of defects throughout the product line. Paul Powell, your Las Vegas defective products lawyer, will identify similar cases of injury or death as well as potential class action suits that may be pending against the manufacturer.

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Our team at Paul Powell Law Firm has helped clients obtain nearly $175 million in the last decade. Many times, the settlements and judgments awarded to our clients have been valued over $1 million. Just as importantly, we sincerely care about our clients and their rights. We are aggressive attorneys, but we provide compassionate, clear advice at every step in the process.