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Paul Powell Law Firm - Other Driver Lying About Car Accident - Featured

What Happens If the Other Driver is Lying About Our Car Accident?

Are you concerned another driver may be lying about a car accident? If so, you’re not alone and lying about the events of an accident is punishable by law. When reporting a car accident, there are many reasons not to lie to your insurance company. Someone could be fearful of the consequences of a car accident if he or she is at fault, but it is never okay to make false statements.

What can happen to someone who lies about an auto accident?

This is just a brief sample:

Your insurance policy may be cancelled

Paul Powell Law Firm - Other Driver Lying About Car Accident - Cancelled Insurance
Image credit: Elnur/Shutterstock

Generally, you’re not required to make statements to another driver’s insurance company, and you should let a qualified auto accident attorney handle communications with them. When it comes to your own insurer, however, the rules are different.

Auto insurance contracts virtually always include language compelling you to be accurate in statements about an accident. If you violate these terms, the company has every right to refuse to extend insurance to you, leaving you to find another insurer when you’re in need.

Your claim may be denied

Paul Powell Law Firm - Other Driver Lying About Car Accident - Denied Claim
Image credit: Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Naturally, insurers have a vested interest in making certain that they pay out only the minimum amount absolutely necessary for each claim. Claims adjusters are well known for pouncing on opportunities to deny claims, and any attempt to falsify the record gives them this chance. You could find yourself paying for thousands in vehicle repair costs and more without any help.

Your insurance rates might go up

Paul Powell Law Firm - Other Driver Lying About Car Accident - Rate Hike
Image credit: tommaso79/Shutterstock

Whether you find yourself seeking a new insurer or not, your rates are likely to go up. You may be seen as a high-risk driver who is unlikely to deal honestly with the company in the future. This record can follow you from one insurer to the next, making it hard for you to manage your rates. You can see why honesty is the best policy in situations like these!

You may be fined under the Insurance Act for up to $100,000

Paul Powell Law Firm - Other Driver Lying About Car Accident - Insrance Act Fine
Image credit: sebra/Shutterstock

Lying can have unintended and unexpected consequences. You don’t need to be talking to an officer of the law or standing in court to find yourself in hot water when it comes to making false statements. In fact, legislation can support criminal charges, fines, and more under a variety of circumstances – possibly including penalties far in excess of your probable claim.

Unfortunately, auto accident cases often come down to one driver’s word versus another’s. In rare cases, it may be possible to catch someone in a false statement – but it should only be considered with the help of an attorney. In general, an auto accident lawyer will help you refute another’s lies by establishing the true facts of your case.

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