After an accident, your biggest concern is how you receive the best medical treatment for your injuries.

Paul’s background in medicine is extensive.

Paul’s connections to physicians at every level of medical care is extensive as well.

Most people don’t have health insurance.

Without health insurance, many doctors will refuse to treat you.

Paul can recommend physicians close to your home or work that will treat you for your accident-caused injuries.

If your medical needs require an immediate specialist, Paul can also recommend physicians in various specialties.

Your vehicle is very important to you. It helps you get to work.

It picks your kids up from school. Your vehicle is a necessity.

After an accident, your vehicle needs to be fixed as quickly as possible — or you need to receive payment as quickly as possible if your vehicle is a total loss.

Paul provides assistance in this area to ensure a quick and timely resolution to get you back on the road.

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Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Settlements: What to Expect

One of the worst things that can happen when your loved one is receiving medical
treatment is to learn that they died as a result of a preventable medical error. Life
changes in an instant, and you may be overwhelmed with emotions and face rising
costs and loss of financial support. This is what wrongful death medical malpractice
lawsuits are for.

Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Overview

When a patient dies due to medical malpractice, this is a special type of wrongful death.
In these cases, the doctor or hospital can be pursued for compensation. They are
required to carry insurance policies to pay damages in the case of a wrongful death.

Who Can File a Claim on Behalf of the Deceased?

This is usually the closest surviving relative, but can also be the person serving as
executor of the deceased’s estate. Typically there is agreement over who should file a
claim, but if there is not, ultimately the legitimate representative of the deceased’s
estate has the authority to do so.

How Does the Person Who Wishes to File the Lawsuit Get Appointed?

The person is always appointed by a state court responsible for handling wills and
estates, which is often referred to as probate court. If there is a question or objection
raised about who should be appointed, the probate court will conduct a hearing and
decide the matter.

Different Kinds of Damages Allowed

A medical malpractice wrongful death judgment or settlement can allow for additional
payments beyond what is usually covered, both for funeral and burial costs, and what is
called loss of consortium. Those receiving financial support from the deceased may be
entitled to compensation for the loss of future support. Some states also allow for
punitive damages if the action of medical professionals is deemed especially
reprehensible. An experienced attorney can tell you all the different types of damages
you are entitled to pursue.

Limitations on Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Settlements

Certain states have imposed limits on some damages that can be awarded in wrongful
death medical malpractice cases. Punitive damages, for example, may be capped to
constrain overall healthcare costs.

If your loved one has passed due to medical malpractice or suspected medical
malpractice, you should consult a medical malpractice attorney. At the Powell Law Firm,
we understand what a difficult time this is, and will look out for your best interests in the
sensitive and caring manner you deserve.

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