Defective Products

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Businesses have an obligation not to sell or manufacture products that may harm consumers. Unfortunately, many businesses ignore this responsibility in order to maximize their profits—and all too often, consumers pay the price. As a result of this negligence, defective products can lead to property damage, personal injury, or even wrongful death.

In 2018 alone, nearly 40,000 product liability cases were filed in the U.S. For these types of injury cases, a competent product liability lawyer is essential in securing compensation for affected victims. 

Defective Product Cases

To understand your legal rights, it’s important to know the kinds of defective product cases a product liability lawyer can help you with. 

By contacting a caring and highly skilled attorney at The Paul Powell Law Firm, you can learn more about your legal options, including the types of compensation that may be available to you.

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Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are the source of the majority of product liability cases that end up in court. Manufacturing defects occur when an otherwise safe product is compromised because of manufacturer error.

Although defects may be unknown and unintentional, manufacturers may still be held liable for any injuries that result from the manufacturing error. For instance, if a swing set is incapable of bearing the maximum weight stated on the product’s packaging because of a faulty component and your child sustains an injury on the swing set because of this, the manufacturer of the swing set may ultimately be found at fault for causing those injuries.  

Design Defects

Design defects affect every product of a particular type in that the design; therefore, the execution of the product is inherently flawed. In cases like these, an element of risk or danger is built into the product itself, and any user may suffer injury as a result. 

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The majority of car recall cases result from design defects. For example, if a vehicle component like the ignition is prone to overheating and causes a dangerous mechanical failure in many vehicles of the same make and model, a design defect is likely responsible. A large class action lawsuit on behalf of those harmed by the defect could be brought by a product liability lawyer.

In either instance where a manufacturing or design defect results in injury, it is important for a lawyer to demonstrate that the harm was foreseeable by the product’s manufacturer or seller.

Ultimately, if there is some significant, unavoidable risk of harm involved in using any product, the company that manufactures, designs, or sells the product is required to provide consumers with adequate warning. Failing to properly warn consumers of a product’s risk may also be grounds for a lawsuit.

Adequate product warnings include labels printed directly on the product or its packaging, in addition to easily discoverable notice in the item’s user manual. Warning labels should be prominently displayed and clearly stated. In such cases where a warning is not easily found or contains vague wording, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers may be held responsible for failure to warn.

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Thousands of people are injured or even killed by defective products every year. These defects often go unreported until enough serious injuries eventually warrant a headline and sometimes a class action lawsuit.

If you have been injured because of a product defect, don’t wait. Whether the defect lies in the design of the product, the manufacturing process, or as a result of poorly advertised safety guidelines, you may be eligible for compensation. By contacting a qualified product liability lawyer, you give you and your family a fighting chance to serve justice to the parties at fault and take care of your ongoing medical bills, funeral costs, and other damages. 

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