After an accident, your biggest concern is how you receive the best medical treatment for your injuries.

Paul’s background in medicine is extensive.

Paul’s connections to physicians at every level of medical care is extensive as well.

Most people don’t have health insurance.

Without health insurance, many doctors will refuse to treat you.

Paul can recommend physicians close to your home or work that will treat you for your accident-caused injuries.

If your medical needs require an immediate specialist, Paul can also recommend physicians in various specialties.

Your vehicle is very important to you. It helps you get to work.

It picks your kids up from school. Your vehicle is a necessity.

After an accident, your vehicle needs to be fixed as quickly as possible — or you need to receive payment as quickly as possible if your vehicle is a total loss.

Paul provides assistance in this area to ensure a quick and timely resolution to get you back on the road.

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Car Accident & Vehicle Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

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How to Deal with a Car Accident

A vehicle crash, especially a car accident not your fault, can change the lives of people and families in an instant. The injuries can be horrific. And the aftermath for all involved can be very sad. Who will handle your doctor bills? What about lost time from work? Have you lost the use of your car? That is a lot for anyone to handle.

There is no need to worry. After a crash, your focus should be on healing. I will handle the rest. I will make sure the wrongdoers are held responsible. I will make sure you are made whole again.

The Powell Law Firm Difference

Immediately after a vehicle crash, my team will begin gathering evidence to protect you. That could mean talking to police officers, taking photos of the vehicles, or interviewing witnesses. We begin the process of dealing with the insurance companies involved in the case for both sides. And we also assist you in making sure the insurance companies replace or repair your vehicle as soon as possible.

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is likely that you will need medical treatment. We stay in constant contact with your doctors. They keep us informed of your medical treatment and provide us bills and records. If you don’t have a doctor of your own, I can recommend doctors close to your home in numerous medical specialties. Clients often ask me for my recommendations with doctors. I wouldn’t recommend a doctor that I wouldn’t go to, or one that I wouldn’t send my family members to. To my knowledge, the doctors I work with are the best physicians in Las Vegas.

After a vehicle crash, fair compensation for you and your family members only comes as a result of hard work and case preparation. I have handled hundreds of vehicle crashes in the past 10 years. More than 50 of these cases settled for at least $1 million. When I tell you that I can protect you, I really can.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle crash, please contact me.

Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Nevada

Talk to Paul

Talk to Paul

Why Work with a Car Accident Lawyer?

Working with a car accident lawyer is essential if you’ve been injured in any kind of vehicle accident. Whether you were the driver or passenger of a private vehicle, a taxi or a rideshare vehicle, a car accident attorney can help you build a case.

In most automobile accidents, it’s you against the other person’s insurance company. The insurer has a legal team with methods for undermining your case. They begin investigating the situation and working against you right after the accident happens.

Another reason to hire an attorney is if the other driver lies to the police? In this case, there are very few people you can turn to in order to find the truth other than your lawyer.

What Causes Automotive Accidents?

Accidents can have a wide variety of causes. In recent years, distracted driving has caused a huge number of accidents. Driving under the influence remains a serious public safety hazard. That said, even factors like weather or the time of day can make accidents more likely.

You should seek an attorney’s guidance even if you feel that you might have done something – or failed to do something – that contributed to the accident. Many accidents are complex, so it’s important to review what happened with a legal expert.

How Are Car Accident Cases Built?

Paul Powell - Car Accident Attorney Man with Whiplash Pain
In any vehicle accident, time is of the essence.

As soon as an accident takes place, first responders are on the way. In the course of getting traffic flowing, evidence can be damaged or lost. Thus, any good accident attorney will review the accident scene as soon as the client comes forward.

To obtain monetary compensation – called damages – there must be injury or expense caused by the accident. In California, Illinois and Nevada, it must also be proven that another person was responsible. Thus, while you get a medical examination, your attorney will gather evidence.

In many cases, it’s necessary to have your vehicle inspected to ensure mechanical fault was not a factor. It can also be valuable to gather witness statements from those who saw the incident or character witnesses who can attest to your responsible driving. The attorney guides the process and takes over communications with insurers, authorities and others.

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Our team at Paul Powell Law Firm has helped clients obtain nearly $175 million in the last decade. Many times, the settlements and judgments awarded to our clients have been valued over $1 million. Just as importantly, we sincerely care about our clients and their rights. We are aggressive attorneys, but we provide compassionate, clear advice at every step in the process.

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