Paul. More Lawyer. Less Fee.

A lawyer making a difference

In 2019, Paul Powell spent his year changing the stereotype of the greedy lawyer. “More Lawyer. Less Fee” isn’t just a catch phrase -- it’s what the 21st century lawyers should be.

This past year, Paul gave his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own lawyer fees, from his pocket to theirs. But just as important, he led by example as to what “More Lawyer” should really mean in the community --- giving back to others in need.

  • Paul kicked off the year with the 3 Kings Celebration, with the donation of more than 80 bikes to lower income kids
  • April saw the delivery of hundreds of Easter baskets with over 40,000 lbs. of fresh groceries to attendees
  • The month of May included Pet-a-Palooza with paid-for dog adoptions and giveaways
  • Santa Paul had his third annual Christmas in July --- because family wish lists don’t just happen in December
  • In August, Paul gave away 600 backpacks full of school supplies to local children
  • For Halloween, he paid for and delivered more than 500 costumes to children around Las Vegas
  • During Thanksgiving, he purchased and personally handed out 1,000 free turkeys to needy families
  • In December, Paul paid the Christmas wish lists for more than 25 families

Besides those events, local teachers were routinely recognized and honored throughout the year with gift cards and school supplies. And Paul continued his corporate partnerships and financial giving with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The Just One Project.

It’s Paul’s way of saying --- More Lawyer. More Love. We look forward to 2020. Paul and his law firm will continue to give their time, energy, and efforts toward changing lives both for our clients, and for those in need. It’s our promise to you.

Paul. More Lawyer. Less Fee.

Paul Can Help

For nearly two decades, Paul has helped and successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases. The formula for Paul’s success is simple:  He cares about clients. Accidents change lives in so many ways. There is pain, anxiety, and lots of stress.  There is missed time from work. There are doctors appointments and medical bills. It is a lot to deal with. Paul will help you through the process from beginning to end. It is personal injury made easy for you.


Lots of lawyers make promises of success. But proof is in the dollars. Many lawyers go their whole careers without settling a case of at least $1 Million. Paul has orchestrated more than 75 settlements or jury verdicts of at least $1 Million. Paul is not a typical 'TV lawyer.' He is a top-notch litigation lawyer who happens to do TV commercials. Insurance companies know the difference.

With total settlements approaching $250 Million, Paul has spent his entire career relentlessly leading the fight against those mammoth insurance companies and powerful corporations that take advantage of everyday people. In the end, Paul makes sure that fair money is paid. And if the settlement offer is not fair, the case will go to a jury trial, where Paul’s success rate is well known throughout the insurance industry.



At the end of your case, most lawyers will take more money than you. It's a fact. And if you’ve already been in an accident with a lawyer, you know this story all too well. But don’t you expect your lawyer to be fair in the end? You are the one hurt. Why should the greedy lawyer get all the money? To make things right and to make things fair — Paul promises never to take more money than you at the end of your case. And Paul puts that promise in writing.

Paul Pays It Forward

People usually associate lawyers with greed. Paul wanted to change that mindset. Shortly after founding The Paul Powell Law Firm, Paul also originated a non-profit organization called Paul Pays It Forward. The purpose of the organization is simple — Paul donates a portion of his fee on each injury case to a local charity. When you hire Paul as your lawyer, you also directly help organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Just One Project, and many others. Together, we will make a difference.